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sheet music

sheet music

Sheremetiev - Nïne silï nebesanïye


Count Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Sheremetiev (1859-1931) was a Russian composer, conductor and entrepreneur. He founded his own symphony orchestra, founded the Musical Historical Society and gave free lecture recitals. He conducted the Russian premiere of Wagner's Parsifal and briefly served as Director of the Imperial Court Chapel in St Petersburg. In 1917 he and his wife fled to Finland to escape the Red Terror, then moved to Belgium and lived out their final days in Paris in poverty. 

This motet 'Nine sili nebesaniye' (Rejoice Now Heavenly Powers) was written for mixed choir and is arranged here for trombone octet by Helen Vollam.

Score and parts provided. Parts for Trombones 1-6 are provided in bass and Bb treble clef. Trombones 7 and 8 are bass trombone parts in bass clef.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Trombone 1 goes up to high C, Trombone 8 (bass trombone) goes down to pedal F.

Duration: 3 minutes

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