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Jenkins, Dan - Cold Tea, Toast and Marmalade


Dan Jenkins is a trombonist and member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the City of London Sinfonia. 

"I wrote Cold Tea, Toast and Marmalade whilst studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1987. It is basically a feature for bass trombone, who leads off with the riff on which the piece is based, and has the tune in the swing section. The riff also comes back later in the tenors, over a walking bass line. This gives way to a recap of the opening, and thence to the rather mournful ending. As for the title; the music came first, the opening bar, and then I just fitted the nearest words to it. As it was breakfast time in my murky north London digs, the nearest thing was a mug of cold tea, etc. Of course as a murky student, it may just as easily have been a glorious midnight snack. But I do think that the opening section at least has a dingy, squalid, early-morning sort of feel. Fit your own words if you like, I hope you enjoy it."

Cold Tea, Toast and Marmalade features on our CD four4four

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 5.30 minutes

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